Building Photoshop skills in just 9 challenges
Day 1: Blending

Starting with this Photoshop file, create a winter inspired image by manipulating the layers with blend modes.
Day 2: Layers

Build and move layers within your document to create beautiful imagery. Play with opacity and texture.
Day 3: Templates

Design and mockup a book cover using a template from Adobe Stock.
Day 4: Collage

Build a digital collage from found imagery using selection tools and puppet warp.
Guided tutorial project
Day 5: Composite

Tackle the basics of compositing by cutting, manipulating and combining imagery to create a unique image for a magazine.
Guided tutorial practice
Day 6: Type & Texture

Create a postcard. Starting from letterforms, manipulate & add texture with brushes.
Guided tutorial project
Day 7: Pen Tool

Using the pen tool, customize an existing image to make it your own!
Guided tutorial project
Day 8: Patterns & Brushes

Happy day of love! Using Adobe Capture and Photoshop create patterns, shapes and brushes to see your Valentine’s Day card come to life.
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